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Redefining the way organization and its enterprise wide information communicate with its digital workforce for a collaborative and engaged future.

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Modern day employees are now grappling with a channel overload problem along with the ever-increasing sea of information that he needs to work through. On a daily basis he has to navigate through different communication channels like emails, collaborative chats, application-based notifications, telephone conversations to get through his everyday task. WeConnect is one single collaborative and interactive platform that is now helping employees find a single voice for their day to day task. Our modular personalization-based approach allows organization to scale up and down the information dissemination to an individual employee level. Our enterprise customers have seamlessly integrated their most important and widely used applications and channels onto a single platform. WeConnect Intranet & Digital Workplace Solution’s interactivity and personalization aspect ensures a huge adoption rate enabling our clients achieve superlative productivity across its entire workforce.

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