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Advanced features, such as learning from a user’s profile and automatic behavior analysis go on to provide personalized content, customize the employee portal themes, and customize widgets on landing pages.



Define a reward pattern to processes ensuring a participative culture. The leaderboard will maintain lists of the Top performers across the organization for this platform ensuring that there is a healthy competition amongst the users.



Sets up secure, remote access that enables your employees to continue everyday tasks essential to your business whenever they are unable to work in an office facility due to traveling constraints or emergency restrictions.

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Frequent Questions

What is an intranet and what are its features?

An intranet is a private network, accessible only to the staff of an organization. It serves a wide variety of purposes, but its core functionality is to help employees work more efficiently, support business processes, provide secure information sharing, enhance internal communication and collaboration.

Why is an intranet important?

An intranet provides a simple, intuitive web interface that helps businesses streamline business processes, drive operational efficiencies, automate business tasks, reduce expenses, and improve productivity.

What are the components of an intranet?

The primary purpose of an intranet is to house all the applications your employees need to work, collaborate, connect, to save time by automating redundant tasks, and to make information easily accessible.

Benefits of WeConnect Digital Work Place?

WeConnect encourages communication to flourish across your organization:

  • Teams can have open discussions
  • Individuals can share knowledge
  • Leadership can to stay in touch
  • Departments can provide updates
What is the difference between an Intranet and WeConnect Digital Workplace?

WeConnect is a platform that offers robust communication, collaboration and document management functionality and sophisticated capabilities (advanced search and integrations); whereas an intranet is a single solution which enables employees to engage and collaborate around corporate news, content and business data, etc.

What is the cost for WeConnect Digital Workplace?

Cost is based on plan